Not only does Claire have a fabulous name, she is kick-ass at being radiant and putting herself out there, openly and honestly, to inspire woman everywhere! She is a coach and mentor, writer and creative. Her newest project, an online eCourse ‘Wild, Well and Creative’, by my definition, is an absolute godsend for woman wanting to improve their wellness and psyche by evoking their creative self and saying yes to adventure. It is a truly inspiring piece of work. Cudos Claire, now let’s delve into this interview to learn a little more about you and your insane drive for life!

So tell us, how did ‘This is Lifeblood’ arise?

Ahhhh… Desire. A growing desire to create and share and connect. I had imagined the blog was going to be loads of recipes, travel stories and home DIY (which it isn’t really, at all) but there’s glimpses of that in there too. It’s definitely been an ever-evolving adventure!

Let’s chat about your newest project, your online eCourse! How exciting it must be to see it all fruition.

Well, it’s like the most fun thing I’ve ever created and been apart of. Over eight weeks, we nurture and explore our creative spirit through audio training, videos, interviews, the most amazing online community EVER and plenty of actionable assignments and adventures to step into our own version of living a wild, well and creative life.

We cover self doubt, self care, fear, resistance, sex, money, collaboration, play… It’s all in there. It really has been so exciting to see it all come together, after working on it for such a long time. I knew it would take on a life of its own too, once people started to engage with it and for so many of the women in the community, it’s really been life changing. We are ALL creative beings and when we’re courageous enough to explore that, miracles really do happen.

What were you doing before you started your blog and work as a mentor and coach?

I was working in Melbourne as a retail buyer and visual merchandiser for an arts and crafts company! I got to travel overseas and buy pretty ribbons, beads and stationery… I loved it, but I always knew I wanted to work for myself in some way or another – and I had a keen desire to chase my passion for wellness!

What were the key ingredients for mustering up enough courage to put yourself out there and chase your dreams?

Working with a coach, experimenting, failing and (can I say the word again?) DESIRE.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by my screw-ups, by nature, great food, time alone, my partner, my friends and family… The ocean! Moving my arse. Revelations.

What is wellness to you?

Everything! It’s not the nitty-gritty of diets and fad-exercise: it’s living a life that is brimming with spaciousness, energy, clarity and freedom. I find whole foods, self care, movement and a dash of meditation get me there (and most of my clients, too).

How do you find balance?

By accepting that it doesn’t exist. Life is never going to be easy-peasy, with all parts equally attended to and cared for. It just doesn’t work like that. Sometimes, we need to fully immerse ourselves in our current top priorities and demands; which ultimately means less time and energy for other areas of our lives.

If we spread ourselves too thin and pretend that although X is suddenly taking a heap of energy right now, we can still attend to Y with the same passion and enthusiasm that we had last week, we are kidding ourselves. I wrote a post about this last year actually, when I stopped going to yoga, if you’d like to read it.

What does a day in the life of Claire look like?

Mornings always involve cuddles (with my man and our pup), movement (currently HIIT or circuit training or walking) and maybe some meditation or time to just breathe and chill. I coach clients two days a week and write/create content on the other days. I’ve really found batching my tasks together, works much better than trying to do everything on one day! So every day really does look different.

My afternoons and evenings normally involve a walk or some yoga, plenty of music and cooking (and dancing in the kitchen!), eating (of course) and chilling out. I’m a homebody, so I don’t eat out much – the stuff we cook in our kitchen is just as good anyway. My boyfriend has recently really embraced the ‘Head Chef’ role and I’m more than happy with it!

Thanks for stopping in Claire, I feel so inspired to start my week now!

If you’re looking to live a more playful, energised and heart-centred life, head over the Wild, Well and Creative website and sign up to hear about the next eCourse Claire is doing. I highly, highly recommend! It’s done wonders for my balance, stress levels and love of life.

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Claire Hargreaves


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