Fusing the worlds of fitness & athleticism with nutrition & natural health, and psychology.

A complete, holistic approach to wellness is my jam.

I spend my days inspiring curious individuals to live their best life by ditching diets, reconnecting with themselves and loving their body for what it does, not what it looks like. I challenge the status quo. ‘Cos I believe in more than what I’m told.


I am a nutrition nerd by design. I don’t remember a day I wasn’t interested in food. Asking my parents to buy strawbs for their antioxidant properties when I was as young as nine, you’d find me reading Good Medicine magazines over Dolly and soaking up all the knowledge I could get my hands on. Yeah, I gave my parents the shits sometimes…

Since widening my lens, I have grown to love the ever-growing worlds of psychology and natural health as well. Fusing these worlds, whilst mindfully acknowledging the world of conventional medicine, I believe we can chase optimal health. Understand how our own body works and know exactly how to fuel it; nutritionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

My background

I went straight into a Certificate III and IV in Fitness from school (the course that takes a year, not the jam-packed 3 month one). I worked with not just everyday individuals, but also a wealth of specific populations, spending copious amounts of time training people with disabilities, children, older adults and athletes. I wanted more after this course, though I was ‘stuck’ at my full time Government gig in human resources. During this time I jumped on every online course I could. I studied an Accredited Certificate in Nutrition and a Certificate IV in Food Coaching. These were great platforms.

I toyed with the idea of studying nutrition at university, though I just did not like the syllabus. So governed by the food pyramid and whole lot of ideals that just did not match my own. Plus it was mostly on-campus, and stuck in a dire life situation, it wasn’t the right time to quit work and study full-time. So I decided to study Psychology part-time (which I could study completely external + my work supported and partially funded my study). The idea of understanding how the mind works appealed to me so much and I knew it would assist me with my future endeavours.

Whilst working full time, I ran a bootcamp business in my driveway, Driveway Fitness, a platform for individuals striving for athleticism. It was an epic environment, a place where women felt strong in their bodies and were lifting as much as the men, fused with this fun, family feel. This fuelled my fire and kept my passion alive.

Upon meeting my partner in crime, we took Driveway Fitness to the next level and opened a full-blown CrossFit box. CrossFit Dignus was born. A space I wanted to be different. Dignus means worthy; everyone is deserving of merit. Through my partner’s insane training mentality and my strong internal desire to bring the best out in everyone, we’ve really made a gym where people come to be their fittest self; both physically and mentally.


The most amazing part of opening CrossFit Dignus was quitting my job. I loved the challenge of human resources, I really did. I just knew it wasn’t my ‘forever’ gig. Leaving was the biggest risk I ever took. The well of emotions trying to drag me down and that little voice of reason, negativity and doubt were rife. I fought it. And it was the best thing I ever did.

Now I study at Endeavour, majoring in Naturopathy, as well as finalising my studies in Psychology (so close to finishing!). I never want to stop learning.

I coach classes in CrossFit for a living. More of a ball-of-fun than a job.


I blog. A space I created to inspire, instruct and instil insight into others. I feel I have so much to share. Storing all this info in my noggin doesn’t serve me. Sharing my findings, advice and personal experiences to others, to evoke curiosity and drive one’s personal understanding – the heart of my work – my ‘why’.

Additionally, I coach clients wanting to supercharge their life, both face-to-face and online (Skype). I have a nutrition focus, though our sessions adventure to wherever we need to; finding a local yoga class, setting goals, seeking out further health practitioner assistance, facing fears and ditching body ideals, diets and barriers that are limiting us! I send you off with new ideas to ponder, foods to add to your life, recipes to try and habits to employ – all adding positivity to your life.

I also write ongoing nutrition plans for clients. I only take on 10 people at time because I care about quality over quantity.

I wrote an eBook on Feeding your Machine. This included all of my wellness ideals, a heap of recipes I have created over the years and a nutrition plan to assist you with feeling awesome. The feedback from individuals who have followed the plan continually drives me do more work. I love helping others to feel energetic, driving them to smash their personal goals and encouraging them to live their best life by fuelling their bodies right.

Be silly be honest 2

Oh, and there is something in the works coming to you soon. It’s an eCourse. My most fun and rewarding project yet.

All of the information in my blog is as well-researched as can be. I use peer-reviewed journals to support my information and research from professionals. However, this blog is to be used as a guide only and not be taken as dogma. I highly recommend consulting with a range of sources, and your local GP or naturopath, if you are ever going to make a drastic change to your diet or exercise program. Feel free to contact me for further advice on this.

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