Finally, eBook number two has been collated, created and packaged up into a sweet little document for all to use and love. This eBook encapsulates my nutrition philosophies and how I choose to view food, how and where I purchase it, ways of growing it and preparing it, being sustainable in the kitchen, consuming a rainbow, balancing macronutrients, sharing your meal times, and choosing love over fear when it comes to choices around cooking, and eating food.

This eBook is the tip of the [nutritional] ice-burg and a precursor to my 8-week online nutrition program. If you like what you read, this program might just be for you!

Dig Your Nutrition is my gentle way of shaking up perceptions on nutrition and perpetuating health in humans everywhere. It helps to simplify the time you spend in the kitchen, taking the stress out of ‘dieting’ (there are no diets here), opening your arms back up to all wholesome ingredients, and bolstering that imagination for you to create your own healthful meals. Food is a ritual, meal times are to be shared, ingredients are not to be labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Let’s get back to basics, let’s research more, let’s employ traditional methods of food preperation and let’s all make our ways back to the simplicities of food, by adopting healthful practicies everyday. Dig Your Nutrition can be your starting point.

“Little by little, one travels far” – J. K. Rowling


▸ My nutrition philosophies
▸ Information on organic foods
▸ Over 60 wholesome, balanced recipes
▸ Handful of fun, healthy recipes for kids

This eBook is totally free for you. No, you don’t need to be on my mailing list to download it, you don’t need to be following me or have shared it. It is simply free. I want you to have access to all the information you need to make your own choices. Through exploration and personal research, intuition and critical enquiry, you can foster only the most individualised notions of health for you and your family. I truly believe we all have the power to understand our bodies.

Do not believe everything you hear. Question all things. Size-up newly learned notions against your values, against your existing knowledge, and see how it fits. Cosy? Congruent? Attuned? Perfect, add it to your bag of tricks! Sketchy? Incongruent? Rubbing you up the wrong way? Ditch it! I hope you gain more than you ditch from the Dig Your Nutrition eBook, and experience only the best ‘aha’ moments. Intagram your creations for me to see: #DYN. Happy reading x
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