Want to come on a journey to digging your nutrition? Knowing what fuels you, learning new, healthful stuffs & becoming a guru in your own understanding of YOUR personal health?

I wanted to foster a space where individuals have access to nutrition plans, however not only follow the plan, but also be guided and informed about nutrition and health along the way, with fun actionable items to consolidate knowledge and make it an actual journey. I designed this space so we can embark on tasks together and do little activities each week to enable us to know just how to fuel our body, and how to adopt new habits within our lives that help us achieve that. This program is the difference between telling, and teaching, so when you finish, you are a wealth of information and know a whole heap more about yourself, and your nutritional needs.

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Each week you will be emailed access to a new video from me welcoming you and highlighting the expectations of the week. Additionally, you will receive PDF documents of your meal plan, your new recipes, and a knowledge bomb PDF with information around a topic and some actionable items (shit doesn’t happen without actions!).

What you’ll find within the online program:
✗ Comprehensive serving size suggestions
✗ New generalised nutrition plan every week
✗ Around 10 new recipes every week (from DYN & FTM + newbies)
✗ Information on a variety of topics (shown below)
✗ Podcasts, additional to PDFs
✗ A new challenge (task or activity) every week
✗ Guided tutorials and how-tos (for example, kombucha making!)
✗ Handy tricks and tips that will revolutionise your life
✗ Support and guidance from me!
✗ Accountability
✗ FREE copy of my Feed the Machine eBook

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What you’ll learn:
✗ Where to find your nutrients (eating a rainbow) & determine deficiencies
✗ How to balance macronutrients specific to your own needs
✗ How to prepare particular foods to extract the most nutrients
✗ The affects of stress on fat-loss and wellbeing, and how to combat
✗ Digestive system function and how to optimise it
✗ Hormone function and your health
✗ How to be more sustainable with your food (and save $$)
✗ How to adopt a positive mindset around body-image and food
✗ Performance foods: Mental and physical (endurance, focus, mood)


131_CLAIRE_Dig Your Nutrition

The teachings will be based on my nutrition philosophies in DYN. You may be attuned to all of those topics, however, perhaps only a few jump out at you. I urge you to have an open mind and consider what your purpose would be on embarking on this program – you don’t have to want all of the above. You can skim through weeks of info if you like, and really focus in on weeks where you are incredibly interested in a topic. It’s your journey.


This program is for humans who want to know how to fuel their body nutritionally. That simple. There are many aspects that come into play, and these aspects will be different for everyone (which is why so many topics are covered). Though fundamentally, I want to help you become more in tune with what your body wants and needs, and help you progress toward your goals, whatever they might be. I believe the basis of our health begins with what we put in our body, how we feed our machine. Let’s optimise that, and as a result experience everything else flow in life!

The total contribution from you is $150 (+ transaction fees), a few hours a week and your open mind.

Some highlights from previous programs:












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Melissa’s experience ~
“Just a bit of feedback from the first week…I lost 2.25kg, my clothes fit better and I’m the happiest I have been all year I think. I honestly did not realise how much of an impact eating crappy foods had an effect on my moods and how I felt. At work I was able to focus better and did not at all feel like reaching for the chocolate draw!
We went out for dinner at Hogs breath and instead of ordering the parmigiana I got grilled chicken and instead of curly fries I got sweet potato wedges! Andy has lost over 3kg and has even been in the kitchen cooking!”

Rob’s experience ~
“Claire’s 8 week program gave me insight into what I was using to fuel my body on a day to day basis. It was a fantastic way to engage people in food on a macro level so that they have a greater understanding of the benefits of each food group. Added bonus was that the recipes were delicious as well.”

Danielle’s experience ~
“I began Claire’s 8 week challenge in the hope that I would feel more energetic, keep my moods stable and just generally look and feel better. I can honestly say that doing the challenge allowed me to achieve these goals and more. So much so, I’m still following Claire’s recipes weeks later!

The plan is easy to follow because it’s simple. The recipes taste good and allow room to experiment and substitute if you need to. You don’t need to buy any weird and wonderful ingredients but it does encourage you to try new things. For example, I learnt so much about the addition of different herbs and spices in my cooking and had a lot of fun chopping and changing with these throughout the challenge.

The plan gives you plenty of options to choose from, and a heap of additional nutritional information, so you never feel like you absolutely ‘have’ to make a meal you know you’re not going to enjoy. You’re armed with Claire’s wealth of knowledge and support and therefore you know you can make good choices and never have to feel as though you’re not doing it ‘properly’ if you change a recipe up to suit your liking/ lifestyle.

The best thing about the challenge is the way it has changed my relationship with food. I now know what works for me, and what doesn’t. I understand how to properly fuel my body now and for that reason I really love cooking and sharing meals with loved ones. Before I was always so unsure about what was good for me or not. I honestly could not recommend this program highly enough to anyone. Thank you Claire!”

Jess’ experience:
“I learnt what Fuelled my body the best and at what time to eat certain foods. On top of that I also learnt what didn’t fuel my body. I became in touch with my relationship with my dietary intake and the effect on my mood, sports, energy,skin, weight and muscle gain/leanness

Throughout this process, I accomplished muscle-ups, handstand pushups, chest to bar pull-ups, pistol squats and increased weights for every movement I do in CrossFit. That is not a coincidence!!!!
My body scan results,sports achievements, energy at work (shift work), body transformation, clear skin and love for cooking and food is all thanks to this challenge.

The endless support from others doing the challenge, little tips, discoveries and most of all the guidance from Claire made this such a great experience.”

Corinne’s experience:
“Claire’s nutrition challenge was a fun and exciting way to try easy and delicious, healthy new meals. There was a wide range of recipes that catered for all meal times and snacks. The support received by both Claire and the others in the challenge was fantastic. Claire answered any questions so well whether the answers were obvious or needed research-based responses. Whichever they were, Claire was on the ball! Claire’s knowledge with nutrition and the body is spot on. Thanks for the recipes which I have continued to use months after the challenge.”

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