Want to run a seminar at your CrossFit gym, fitness centre, yoga studio or school? The following nutrition session has been run numerous times with fantastic feedback. It’s a real winner in terms of simplicity and practicality, the amount attendees learnt and the attention-provoking delivery.

Want something a bit different? Claire also runs talks on performance nutrition and weight management, among other specialities. Talks can be coordinated around nutrition challenges or added into your professional development wellness programs at work! Contact Claire and she can shape a seminar for you and your business’ needs! or 0420 213 904.


The ‘right’ foods help with energy and stamina, reducing inflammation in the body, helping our muscles grow, levelling out fat deposits and purely giving us the nutrition we need to run.

Establishing a solid nutritional foundation is going to provide a fantastic base to ensure you thrive in everyday life, bolster energy and maintain, lose or put on weight – whatever your goals are!

Simple, isn’t it? Well, apparently no, it’s not always that straight forward.

In this two-hour seminar you will learn what you need to know. Understand nutrition without having to do a degree. We will wade through the shit and the misconceptions and bring the basics to the surface so you know you’re doing all the right things to optimise your health without compromising your finances or happiness.

We will learn:
– the basics of digestion, why its so pivotal to your overall health and how to optimise it
– what the macronutrients are, why they are each individually important and how much to consume day-to-day
– why knowing about micronutrients and where to find them will save you money on supplements
– how to incorporate more superfoods into your diet
– the supplements that are actually worth it
– how to create a balanced daily meal plan

Who will benefit:
– anyone who eats food really

Those who will especially benefit:
– people who spend money on supplements before organic vegetables
– athletes, wanting to go the extra mile
– anyone that chooses Chobani yoghurt over full-fat

Gut health
Explore the properties of gut health and how a healthy digestive system is the foundation of nutrition. Come for a guided tour through your gastrointestinal tract!

Understand the importance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Learn their basic properties, what role each plays, and why they are all vitally important. In addition, portion sizes for optimal energy intake and health. Understand what micronutrients are, where they come from and how to add superfoods into your daily nutrition.


“Claire’s seminar was awesome! She really knows her stuff. It makes you stop and think about your body! I’m making improvements and changes for the better every day!”

“It was fun, energetic, really easy to understand, which is great. Claire was happy to answer any questions you had, didn’t make you feel like you were being rushed. Claire really knows her stuff and I will keep coming back to her for advice/help as I know she genuinely cares.”

“Claire’s passion about nutrition is inspiring, passionate and motivating. She has so much knowledge and genuinely wants to share it!”

“I found the event very useful, it gave me some great hints and tips to changing things in my life. It also left me feeling inspired and energised to make changes in my nutrition goals.”

“I finally feel like I have a handle on my nutrition and it’s not so scary now!”