Boy, do I have something for you! I have long been tweaking and trialling everything under the sun to figure out exactly what makes my body thrive. There are some foods that work well for me and others that don’t. Though a mighty lesson I have learned is that it is not ALL about food. Feeding your machine is about more than just food. It really is. It is mindset, simplistic habits that are accessible to everyone, and learning to love your self in an honest and kind way. I want to share something with you…

I have somehow managed to condense all the information I feel is truly valuable to overall health, to increasing your vitality and bolstering the energy and drive for optimal performance. And it’s all here for you in my beautiful eBook!

Feed the Machine is your kickstart. It will boot you into gear. It delivers you with my philosophy for amplifying your health and a truckload of recipes, which also go into detail about the nutrient properties of different foods within the ingredients list. These are so unbelievably simple to make you can not go wrong. Then, if that wasn’t enough, I have combined all the recipes into a 6-week plan to really get you going. There are outlines for what foods to pre prepare and when to prepare them. There is also a corresponding food diary that I highly, highly encourage you to print off and fill out, or keep your own in a little notebook.

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▸ My Philosophy: The nine elements of health and how to apply them
▸ Personal stories on how I came to learn about my own health
▸ Over 70 wholesome, balanced recipes that are so easy to make, seriously
▸ 6-week nutrition plan to kickstart your machine feeding
▸ Food diary to start learning how your machine works
▸ About me: A little information for ya

Understanding what foods do to your body is really interesting. Pinpointing little indicators for where you could be inputting a little more time and effort. I hope that Feed the Machine is your gentle wake-up call that helps you start to live your best life! Do you know how good your body is designed to feel? I encourage you to come and find out!

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“Wow! Claire’s eBook has completely blown me away! It is incredibly informative, and easily understood. Not only are there so many yummy recipes, but Claire has outlined and given you the reasons why certain foods are good/bad for you. Knowing ‘what’ to eat is great, but knowing ‘why’ is even better. Claire’s passion for health and wellness has definitely shone through in her eBook and not only inspires you to be healthy, but to live a better lifestyle in all aspects of your life.” – Jordyn Kiernan

“It’s AMAZING!! So colourful and I’ve only read a little and already inspired! God you’re an incredible human being. Kudos!!” – Jasmine Forbes

Claire, thank you for bringing Feed the Machine to the world! It’s the big burst of fresh ideas and passion everyone needs to get their machine going. A wonderful blend of nutritional knowledge, experience, and of course Claire’s down to earth nature. The recipes are real, simple, and balanced with a practical 6 week guide. This book is a must read for everyone who wants to be filled with vitality and be their optimal self.” – Alex Skimbirauskas, The Real Foodie

“Fun, inspiring, interesting and most of all full of knowledge and motivation to drive me to effectively feed my machine!” – Eliza Berson

“It’s amazing! So insightful, informative and inspirational. There is so much variety in the recipes and the layout is so good; so easy to read and understand!” – Gabby Traykoski

“Wow! I felt all kinds of excitement reading Claire’s Feed the Machine. What a detailed, motivating and knowledgeable eBook! Its filled with so many amazing recipes, I cant wait to give them all ago! Claire is inspiring and has opened my eyes considerably. Im looking forward to exploring and getting to know how to feed my machine. This will be my bible!” – Stacey Harrington

8 comments on “FEED THE MACHINE

  1. Too excited!! Got it downloading now <3 HUGE Congrats Claire, you should be so so proud – and thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

  2. You are are a women of so many talents. Well Done Girl 🙂
    So excited to read this and get focused again.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration, to me and so many other.
    Again, so happy for you xxx

    • Aw Roslyn, this means the world coming from you! Thank you for purchasing, I can’t wait to hear what you think! All the best feeding your machine!

  3. Awesome Jas! Loved your stir fry post – the first recipe creation! Thanks for being such a beautiful soul. Keep feeding that machine! x

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