FINAL BLOG POST // Goal-digging, Christmas Calories & eBook Styling

It’s that time of year that you either absolutely love or absolutely loath. Or perhaps you fall somewhere in the middle. It’s the festive season and the birth of a new year. Have you made the most of this year? Are you feeling apprehensive/excited/overwhelm/emotional turmoil with the approaching two thousand and sixteen? Are your fretting about all the calories you’ll consume over the party season? I have a few thoughts and a few announcements. I thought it best to condense it all into a blog post (my last one for 2015, and awhile!) and help provide some welcome direction and purpose for this ‘weird’ time.


So I was driving in the car last night and Kosta made a remark that was really interesting. He said, ‘this time of year is both good and bad’. Probing him for further info as to what he meant he said, ‘well, everything slows down’. In my mind I thought, ‘but that is certainly a good thing!’ Then he went on to say that it feels weird and I know Kosta doesn’t particularly love weird, or anything that pulls him from his go-go-go schedule. This used to be me. And still is to some extent, except that this year I am loving the idea of nothingness, relaxation and a schedule halfed in expectations. I can’t wait to spend quality time with friends and family and throw love everywhere.

Another friend made a comment on the weekend too. She said she hated the idea of the new year because she looks back over the year and doesn’t feel like she had done enough. Now scarcity is something I am particularly interested in at the moment, and have been for the last couple of years since being introduced to Brene Brown’s research on vulnerability and shame. It’s the idea that we don’t have enough. We wake up in the morning and one of our first thoughts is already that we are behind; we don’t have enough time for something. Then we finish the day and we are not particularly thrilled with our accomplishments. I suppose this is tenfold for the end of the year! See this awesome short video on scarcity and a couple of words to remove from your vocab. In summary: You are enough!

My remark back to my dear friend was every day is a new day, every day is just a day and the new year is just a perception and figment of time. It doesn’t actually exist. We make it so. It’s a funny revelation. But I totally get it. How down do we get when our new years is a flop? Which, I hear from most, is basically every year. We hype up the approaching new year like its going to bring magic and newness and freshness and goals and everything we ever wanted. Then, it’s just another night. New years day is just another day. This time of year is definitely spurring all kinds of emotions in us all!

Though I believe it is only about one thing, simply. Connection.


Connect with your family and friends with food and meal times. Because, traditionally, sharing meals was such a massive value within families (and still is of high value in many places are the world – that, funnily enough, are the happiest!). Connecting over a beautifully prepared home cooked meal is the epitome of happiness and evokes all of the happy hormones. Yeah, okay, we tend to eat a little too much. The worst thing we can do in that instance is beat ourself up. Because then we lose all of the happy hormones, and instead invoke the influx of stress chemicals. It’s okay to veer away from the diet for a few days over Chrissie and New Year. You could even do what my family do and make up a dance, dancing those calories away. But even so, one day out of your year enjoying-the-hell out of food isn’t going to kill you.

So that’s my piece. Eat what you want, with who you love and celebrate to your hearts content and DO NOT beat yourself up in any manner.

Goal set. For sure. Just set yourself some sweet timeframes. Dieting from January 1 2016 is probably the worst goal I’ve ever heard and it will only end badly. I would use this guide when goal setting. My friend Ashlee is the queen of setting and sticking to goals and I frequent this post in my own goal setting throughout the year. Reflect on the year that was. Be kind to yourself. You are always exactly where you are supposed to be. So, if 2015 wasn’t your ‘best’ year, perhaps something greater is awaiting you in 2016. Every year cannot be our best. Some of our most precious lessons are learnt in dull times and adversity. ‘It is what it is’ one of my favourite non-judgement statements. It is neither good, nor bad, it just is what it is. Don’t feed the urge to control things or judge them. Life and ‘things’ are not ours to judge or control.

Finishing up, I want to set my intention for this year. This will be my final blog post for awhile. I am thinking 6 months to a year. I have not made this decision lightly but there are many new projects coming to fruition next year and additionally blogging is going to become a bit much. I am shaving back my to do list and simplifying my life in many areas.

Bri making rice paper rolls with Cruz for the kid-friendly lunchbox section of my eBook.

Bri making rice paper rolls with Cruz for the kid-friendly lunchbox section of my eBook.

You would have seen on Instagram / Facebook that I will be releasing an eBook. This is kind of like a little send of for my long holiday from blogging. Something you can all refer back to you whilst I am away and it’s a little gift to you all for being such a massive support and backbone in the beginnings of my blogging-life. It’s definitely not the end. I just have a very heavy uni load next year and want to dive into that wholeheartedly. I don’t want to overcommit myself (which is a commonality in my life, one I am working on). I want to do less, better. And boy does that feel, sound and look strange for me to write that! But I feel the deepest sense of relief in allowing myself a less full schedule.

My eBook will be out at the beginning of January. I am taking my time with it, enjoying the process and putting it together as I feel like it to fully delve into producing it. The photography is done, so now it’s just pulling it all together. I am making this one myself; the design, content and delivery. A massive tick off my goals-list for 2015. Seriously cannot wait to share it with you. It will contain all my nutrition philosophies, a plethora of recipes and then the option to branch off into one of two nutrition plans; performance or weight management. I know how much you all love plans! And considering I only take on ten clients at a time, this is my way of spreading the love.
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I want to thank you for a tremendous year. Thanks for sharing it with me on my blog. I wish you ALL the best in the finishing touches of 2015 (it will be totally imperfect and that is life, because we are HUMAN, embrace it!). I send you into 2016 with all the necessary requirements to kick ass, which, truth be told, you already have! Your bag of tricks is full. You just gotta search deeper for them.

Au revoir peeps.

See you on the flip side!

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Claire Hargreaves