“I came to Claire after a few months of not looking after myself and feeling the negative effects pretty bad. After 6 weeks on her nutrition plan, I had not only lost cm’s and body fat, but had learnt to fuel my body with the correct foods, balance my hormones and more importantly clear my skin (which I had previous issues with). I now know what foods my body responds well to and more importantly my overall self-confidence levels have increased. Claire sure knows what’s what when it comes to health and nutrition!” – Rach Couper

“I’ve always been one to say that maintaining a healthy diet is just far too difficult, but I will gladly admit I was wrong. Over the course of the 12 week nutrition plan Claire has shown me that eating healthy can change your mind and body for the better through a plan which is very flexible and meals which are surprisingly delicious! Its amazing how something as simple as changing the fuel you put into your body can have so many positive effects, from an increase in your energy levels to weight loss. My plan was tailored specifically to me taking into consideration my body and my goals, consulting me and asking how I was feeling every step of the way.” – Moustafa Awada

“Completing the 12 week nutrition plan has been the most amazing and rewarding experience. The guidance and knowledge that Claire provides along the way with tailoring the meal plans to you and your body is second to none. Not only have I achieved numerous goals I set for myself, I have learnt so much about nutrition, understanding how to fuel my body and experiment with new foods! Claire is the ultimate nutrition Guru!!” – Alex Reed

“I really have learned so much about myself on my journey doing Claire’s nutrition plan; I no longer need to keep searching for the “solution” to better health because the nutrition plans and recipe ideas that Claire has given me are sustainable and I could continue eating like this for the rest of my life! It’s all about balance and I like that Claire has re-enforced the fact that I am already living a healthy balanced lifestyle. With so many fad diets out there and information overload in the media about health and fitness, it’s refreshing to have someone who keeps it nice simple!” – Jess

“It has been difficult to find a nutrition plan that compensates for my fussy eating habits and works for my busy lifestyle. Claire’s nutrition plan has done just that. It has provided me with great fresh healthy food that I enjoy eating. Meals are prepared the Sunday before, which although can sometimes be time consuming, it is nice to come home with dinner prepared and lunches and snacks for the next day ready to go. In the beginning it can be difficult to resist temptation, especially at my workplace where everyone has a sweet tooth and cakes and sweets are brought in all the time. Over time my tastebuds have adjusted and my cravings for unhealthy food has diminished. As living proof that Claire’s nutrition plan works, I successfully lost 4.1kg in my first two weeks and have managed to keep the weight off after a further 2 weeks with the reintroduction of carbohydrates. I feel more energetic, less lethargic and bloated, my clothes fit better, my skin complexion has improved and even though my nutrition plan was directed towards weight loss I have found my performance at crossfit and netball training has improved. It often annoys me when people call it a diet, I am quick to correct them to call it a nutrition plan. A diet to me implies having to go without certain foods or often eating less in order to lose weight, I have tried numerous fad diets with no success. Where as a nutrition plan involves eating food that is healthy and should be consumed on a full time basis, not just for a prescribed period of time. I have been eating less food more often and rarely have been hungry. If I am hungry or too full, I adjust what I eat the next day. My nutrition plan has certainly allowed me to eat a great variety of foods, even foods I thought I would never enjoy such as kale! Most of all it has been great receiving compliments from those who have noticed my weight loss and those who have been proud of my motivation and dedication. I look forward to continuing my nutrition plan and eating healthier and enjoying life. I hope my experience can inspire others around me to eat healthier.” – Melissa Sjepcevich

“I have been on Claire’s nutrition plan going on four weeks now and i have noticed a huge difference! I suffer from IBS and was always having constant bloating, tenderness and gassiness in my stomach. With a few simple changes i wasn’t even aware would make such a difference to my eating, i was quickly relieved of these symptoms. Prior to this plan i felt as though i was always hungry and craving “sweats” again with the changes Claire has implemented i feel satisfied and at times too full which for me is rare, i love my food! Instead of eliminating carbs and nice treats Claire has simply educated me on how “cheat clean” and has provided me with healthy substitutes for some of my favourite meals. As it is commonly said it’s not about a diet it is about making small simple changes that help improve your health and lifestyle, it is now simply routine for me. My general digestive health, energy levels and overall wellbeing has most defiantly improved thank you Claire! xx” – Alycia Alteira

“Training seven days a week while keeping a social life tends to have a large impact on your life. My nutrition values have never really been a high priority, until I felt my body feeling quite run down. Following Claire’s “suchiswellness” posts made eating healthy look simple enough for anyone to follow. I’ve gone from eating two to three meals a day to seven or more. Claire’s designed a custom dietary plan to not only suit my training schedule but life schedule. The experience and advise that’s provided throughout your nutrition consultation ensures your body is provided with all the necessities of a healthy living individual. I’ve been dedicated to my diet for about a month now, and to be honest by body is still adapting to the dramatic change of not eating maccas on a regular basis. I’m confident with persistence and constant training my body will continue to evolve getting stronger and more importantly healthier.” – Daniel Decarolis

“Claire’s nutrition coaching has been completely different to the countless other diets I have put myself through. Claire has educated me not only about food but about health and my body. My personalised plan and works around foods I like and my lifestyle making it so easy to stick to. For me where she went above and beyond was teaching me why I was eating particular foods and how they are beneficial for me, this understanding of food is worth so much more to me than any diet pill. Claire also showed me how, by giving me recipes and talking me through things I would never have dreamed of, (like poaching chicken!) which actually turned out to be so simple. Week 2 of her plan and I can say I feel so much healthier and have a lot more energy. I feel better about my body and have gone from weighing myself almost twice a day to not at all. Could not thank and recommend Claire enough.” – Casey Rollnik

“After meeting Claire at her “box “and completing an awesome session i knew it was time to nuckle down and get my nutrition on track if I wanted to achieve the performance goals I set out for myself. I had spoken to Claire and told her about my ceoliac disease and the challenges it had brought me through out my life , tiredness , depression, bloating just to name a few. Claire could relate, so it made me feel very comfortable to talk to her. After my first consultation I was feeling , happy , inspired and focused because everything was very realistic and easy to follow. Claire tweaked my nutrition and primarily focused on healing my gut. Everything was explained to me. Thouroughly the reasons why and the benefits that came with it . I was given my meal plan/ guide which was tailored to me personally . Along with it came alternatives and recipes . Everything was cost effective and realistic to fit into my daily schedule. As I slowly started to change things and follow my plan things started to fall into place . I was getting through my days with out bloating , concentration was great and my energy levels were right up there. Claire would regularly check in on me to see how I was going, feeling Or just had any question to ask her. Claire was ways right there happy to help me out. I still continue to use Claire’s services because with out her wealth of knowledge , understanding and compassion I wouldn’t of been able to reach the goals I had set out for myself. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Claire, and with her guidance and support I get ready to tackle new goals I set out for myself. Thank you for being awesome xx” – Cassie Mcintosh

“Claire certainly knew what she was talking about and helped me understand a little more on what types of foods are out there and how to prepare my meals for the week in order to stay on track and eat healthy. The meal plan I received was really helpful and gave me an idea of when I need to eat and what types of things I need to eat. I really struggled with eating snacks but Claire gave me some great recipes to help me get through the day without eating the wrong things! I am very happy with the consultation I had and feel as though Claire listened very well to what I wanted to get out of it. The meal plan and recipes are amazing and I enjoy trying them out in the kitchen.” – Kimberley Booth

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