If there was a more motivated, curious, and persistent self-directed learner in this world, I’d love to meet them. Bri is the epitome of health and wellness practice. She also runs a rad cafe with her partner in crime, you might know it; Esprezzo? Above and beyond her love for coffee, community and everything food, she has deep underlying insistent beliefs in natural practice of medicine and wellbeing. I have had many a chat with this incredible women around all things vaccinations, fasting, sun gazing, oil pulling, growing gardens and making teas with your own herb combos. If you want someone who is just living a life of health, just being an example, that’s Bri to a tee. Challenging the norms of society and adopting habits that are true to her, and her family’s health.


One thing I am truly passionate about is learning things for yourself. Deciding that you are going to take the steering wheel and make health choices for yourself, rather than relying on health practitioners to provide the answers for you all of the time. It’s such an empowering and potentially life-changing (it has been for me) paradigm shift. Bri is doing just this. She lives and breathes wellnes. And it’s ridiculously infectious. Here’s our interview…

So tell us a little about Esprezzo…
Wow! where to start? 7.5 years ago Jason and I were approached about a run down cafe in Noranda. Needless to say it took a bit of “selling” to get us there, but all this time later and we couldn’t imaging life without it! We have always had a vision of providing healthy homemade deliciousness and amazing coffee, and believe that this should be accessible in the suburbs. We are proud to be able to do just that! We now provide amazingly fresh and healthy food to suit a range of diets, organic coffee, kombucha on tap and a wicked fit-out design to suit all members of our community.


Esprezzo has morphed and expanded incredibly over the years. What have been the defining moments for these changes, especially the most recent?
To be honest it has been such a natural and organic evolution. We have always had a main goal of creating a strong sense of brand within our community with a focus on health, customer service and deliciousness. I think perhaps the most major in moments was the re-signing of our lease 6 months ago which lead to the expansion and re-fit that you see now. It was always a vision that we had but just needed the right time to act on it. Now we have the venue to suit the product!

How do you feel putting yourself out into the public so openly (and honestly!)?
Interesting question and perhaps I would answer differently depending on when you ask! Some days it is difficult because there is not always a place to hide and yes criticism sometimes does fly my (our) way, but to be honest mostly it is great. I find that honesty and transparency goes a long way. Both Jason and I love our community and are so lucky to have such a good one. We have shared so many memories with our customers and neighbours over the years- our marriage, two children and the renovation. All major life milestones I guess!

I also think that by leading such a healthy life and promoting such things will hopefully inspire others to do so. so i guess in that respect being in the public eye is not such a bad thing?

What advice would you give someone wanting to take a risk and follow their passion?
Do it! Life is too short. If it fails, learn and get back up. If you succeed, push harder and further. So many people in this world have dreams and aspirations squashed out of them, so if you have one i say follow it! Oh… and surround yourself with people who believe in you and have the potential and willingness to support you…and believe in yourself!


What inspires you?
My family – my husband, two children and mother. Each in their own unique way love and support me unconditionally. I can learn so much from each of them both about things in life and also myself. Also the knowledge and belief that change is coming to this world. It is inspirational to know that there is a positivity amongst so many circles all around the world. People wanting to band together and challenge traditional stereotypes and create better health and wellbeing. That is pretty freaking awesome!


What is wellness to you?
A harmonious balance between, food (nutrition), relationships (with others, yourself and nature), exercise, intellect, mentality and love. I believe it is a continuos evolution of growth and development and that we need to keep learning and searching for information to further our own personal knowledge. Wellness to me is also a state of happiness and intuitiveness, where you know your body and have the ability to recognise and heal yourself.

How do you find balance?
This is something that I continuously strive for! being a wife, mother, friend, boss and conscious being I do find it hard to balance. For many years there was no balance, but in learning from these mistakes, I feel like I am getting there. Having such a great partner in life is the biggest help. Someone who supports and can bring things into perspective, even give you the “permission” you want to hear to be able to say “I deserve some me time”. Being a driven person is great for succeeding but can sometimes also be your demise!

In the past few years I have really been working on myself – who am I, what do I want, how do I achieve this. The more I work on this, the more balanced I feel on a personal level, I think this has a flow on effect. I guess being able to say “stop” is something I continuously struggle with… I’ll let you know when I get there!


What does a day in the life of Brianna look like?
Ha ha how many pages can I fill?

6 am wake up (more like woken up by kids!)

Morning routine – down 1lt or lemon water, oil pull, shower

Then settle an argument over a soft toy, get children dressed, pack lunch and bags, tidy the house, sort breakfast for the kids, down more water. Stop at the cafe for coffee and good morning to my man (very important!). Drive and drop kids at school. Run around for the cafe- banking etc, emails, social media, work at the cafe, occasional catch up with friends/play dates.

12pm eat! Then usually more errands or work then school pick up. Time with the kids, dinner, bed time routines for the kids.

7:30pm catch ups with Jason and talks about the day, sometimes a movie and sometimes fall asleep on the couch! ha ha

Thanks so much for stopping by Bri, truly inspiring the way you balance being an successful business women, incredible mother, loving partner and daughter, and just all-round amazing person day-in and day-out. Keep being awesome!

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Claire Hargreaves